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  • Xtreme Lash Extensions
    If you are interested please book a free lash consultation prior to booking a full set. A deposit of 50% may be required for full set applications.
    During the lash consultation, the lash stylist will determine whether or not a client’s natural lashes are healthy and able to handle extensions. If natural lashes are damaged or too weak, the lash stylist will recommend a lash serum to strengthen their lashes and will not recommend extensions period until they are strong enough. Appointments for a full set can be made after the lash consultation and a 50% deposit is required for the two hour service.
    While it is understandable emergencies may happen, if a client cancels her appointment less than 24 hours a 50% charge will occur. 
    No cell phones are to be used during the application. Talking or texting is dangerous and distracting. If a client chooses to continue texting or talking on the phone, the lash stylist may chose to reschedule the appointment and the client will incur a charge for that appointment as well.
    Come Make-up free if possible. The more makeup you have on, the more time the lash stylist needs for removal, which takes away from the lash application
    During your lash consultation, you and the lash stylist can discuss the right length and look for you. 
    Aftercare instructions will be given and discussed at both during the consultation and after the application. 
    The lash stylist is not responsible if lashes fall out prematurely. Suggested cleansers, serum, brushes and applicators that will extend the length of the lash extensions are available for purchase. 
    Full set appointments typically take up to 2 hours. Volume Full Sets can take up to 3 hours. Re-lash appointments take up to 45-60minutes.
    Call for pricing
    As a token of appreciation, referral specials are available. 
    If you refer a friend for extensions please have her/him mention your name so may receive $15 off your next relash appointment. One per client per appointment.
    Add ons:
    Lash Tinting: $25
    Eyebrow Waxing: $18
    Paraffin Dip: $8 for hands; $15 for feet
    Aromatherapy: $5
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